Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wellbeing Sensory Perception - WSP

"Heaped -up earth becomes a mountain; accumulated water becomes a river." - Chinese Proverb

Wellbeing in the ATC environment will contribute to increased safety performance and a more fulfilling work atmosphere. ATCOs and their assistants can use their Wellbeing Sensory Perception (WSP) to identify several ways in which they can contribute to a happier work culture. What are some ways in which ATCOs can use their WSP? 

Being supportive of our colleagues at work is the most important way that we can practice WSP in the workplace. Several studies by Kahneman, Khan, Bateman, Ismail and others have shown that coworker support is a key factor in counteracting workplace stress and other detractors of wellbeing. 

Humor when it is sincere, respectful and well-timed is a good stress reliever in the ATC environment. A coworker who can laugh at herself and is known to have a cheerful disposition will also know how to build meaningful, supportive friendships. 

How many ATCOs can freely confide in you about a problem outside of work knowing that you will respect their dignity and privacy? Do you feel comfortable talking with another ATCO about your personal life? Are you always inclined to tell others what they should and should not do? Do your words build up or tear down others? Do you see your fellow ATCOs as competitive threats to promotion, or as teammates working together to accomplish a common goal of providing excellent ATC? 
To be supportive of our coworkers, we must first learn to be supportive of ourselves by improving our personal wellbeing.

By identifying activities that appeal to our senses of sight, taste, touch, smell and sound, we are using our WSP to improve not just our own wellbeing but also the wellbeing of other persons who we interact with. See if you can identify the suggestions on improving personal wellbeing from the following illustrations:-

Les Deux Magots, Saint Germain Des Pres, PARIS
ATCOs and assistants can propagate workplace wellbeing if they are more aware or perceptive of their personal capabilities and limitations. This cognizance makes it easier to use their Wellbeing Sensory Perception (WSP) to identify various ways in which they can improve their own wellbeing and that of others. 
In the next post, we will look at some of the challenges to implementing workplace wellbeing.

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